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Second Saturday Spiritual Integration Journey Group

When meditation alone is not enough.



Once a month, second Saturday half-day workshops for experienced meditators.


When and Where

September – June
Second Saturdays from 8:30 am to noon
1126 McClaren Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608


Led by

Doug Kraft



This series of workshop explores the depth and the breadth of the Spiritual Journey. It has three aspects: Finding a Compass, Cleaning up our Act, and Getting out of the Way. The Buddha assumed that spiritual fullness requires more than meditation alone. His eightfold path suggests areas of personal exploration that fall into these three aspects.

Eastern meditation understands that self is a trance from which we can awaken, but sometimes we underestimate the power and complexity of the trance. Western depth psychologies often have a deeper grasp of the complexities, but may not realize the ultimate goal is not to create a kinder gentler trance but to awaken.

Western meditators using Eastern practices may find times when their meditation plateaus and they don’t know why. Often it’s because of deep or unconscious identification with hidden dimensions of their personality.



Each workshop will begin with a full hour of silent meditation. From this peacefulness, we’ll stir one of those hidden dimensions to draw it to the surface and greet it with clarity and kindness. We’ll use focused questions and dialog along with deep and heartful listening.

The focus questions of each workshop come from one the eight areas of exploration suggested by the Buddha. We won’t try to suggest a “right” answer but encourage exploration.

The workshops build sequentially on each other, so priority will be given to those who can attend all of them.



In this tradition, the teachings are offered freely. Donations (called “dana”) are accepted as you are comfortable. And they are tax-deductible. Know that whatever you are able to offer is gratefully received and helps us continue to offer workshops, classes, and retreats.


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